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Over the years I have had businesses. It seems I can't get away from seeing if a certain herb or e.o. can help a fellow human and that's usually how it starts. So again as I am in AZ, part time anyway, I was asked again if I would be interested in starting another herbal biz!! So we now have Herbs 4 Health!! Numerous herbal blends....single essential oils...essential oil blends....supplements....tinctures all to help the body to heal itself.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Grapefruit Essential Oil...

Grapefruit essential oil is not photo-toxic, but it does have a short shelf life - it oxidizes quickly. The oil is processed the same way as the lemon & lime....cold expression. It shares the nutritional qualities of other citrus species, being high in vit. c and valuable protection against infections & illness.

This oil as well is antiseptic, antitoxic, astringent, bactericidal, diuretic, helps to combat impurities in the blood & organs, it has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic & digestive systems & is a general over-all tonic.

It's aromatherapy benefits can include:

Skin care: acne, congested & oily skin, promotes hair growth, tones the skin & tissues.
Circulation, Muscles & Joints: cellulitis, exercise preparation, muscle fatigue, obesity, stiffness, water retention.
Immune System: chills, colds & flu.
Nervous System: depression, headaches,  nervous exhaustion, performance stress.

Lemon & Lime Essential Oils

We get lemon essential oil by cold expression (pressure) from the outer part of the fresh peel. The lemon itself is very nutritious, being high in vitamins A, B and C. I have written another blog on the benefits of eating/drinking lemon which you might want to read as well.

The lemon essential oil is used highly as a flavoring agent in pharmaceuticals. Used extensively as a fragrance component in soaps, detergents, etc.

All of the citrus essential oils are 'photo-toxic'...which only means that you shouldn't apply them to your sun exposed skin as they can make you more prone to possible sunburns.

Lemon essential oil is anti-anemic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, an astringent, bactericidal, diuretic, it stimulates the white blood cells, repels insects and in general is an all over tonic.

Lime essential oil is produced the same way as our friend the lemon and shares many of it's qualities.
It is an antiseptic, antiviral, helps to stimulate the appetite, bactericidal, combats fever and a general all over tonic.

The aromatherapy benefits of both lemon & lime are very similar...

Skin care: acne, brittle nails, boils, corns, cuts, greasy skin, herpes, mouth ulcers, varicose veins & warts.
Circulation, Muscles & Joints: arthritis, cellulitis, high blood pressure, poor circulation & rheumatism.
Respiratory System: asthma, throat infections, bronchitis & catarrh.
Immune System: colds, flu, fever & infections.