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Over the years I have had several businesses. It seems I can't get away from seeing if a certain herb or essential oil can help a fellow human and that's usually how it starts. I am now in Arizona and I was asked again if I would be interested in starting another herbal business!! We now have Herbs 4 Health!! Providing numerous herbs....herbal blends....single essential oils...essential oil blends....minerals....tinctures all to help the body to heal itself.

The information in these blogs is not meant in any way shape or form to plagiarize, for I have never said this is all MY work. It is a compilation of reputable informative websites, my 'go to' books I have always depended upon & my own knowledge. I gather & put together information to help people learn & this way they can come back here to help remind themselves of said information instead of 'where oh where did I find that on the world wide web'. Seems to me it's just better & easier.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Health Tidbits

To make an awesome sunburn healer...put some pure aloe gel in a spray bottle, few drops of lavender essential oil...shake it up. keep it in the fridge & spray on sunburned skin...talk about refreshing & healing!!!!

Don't know if it's sinuses or allergies??? Bend at the waist & if your head goes boom boom boom then it's sinus...works every time!!

From the research I have seen, your body makes vitamins from minerals. So all the vitamins you take are worthless unless you give your body the minerals it needs. There are over 76 trace minerals your body needs on a daily basis. Most vitamins are worth much anyway if you start reading the ingredient labels!

Do you know that coconut oil is a superfood?? It's just about one of the healthiest foods/fats you can consume. Just 2 tbs/day helps your body to burn more calories and a speedy metabolism helps boost the body's immune system too! When you purchase it tho, make sure it's cold pressed & virgin!!

Sulfur makes up 1/4 of the total body weight & is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the human body. The proper acid/alkaline balance of the body can not be maintained without it. Deficiency is linked to a host of degenerative disease & some say it's been linked to autism as well.

Do you know that white foods, for example...garlic, onions, cauliflower....help to build up the immune system!?

Antibiotics play a certain role in our lives & sometimes we just need to take them, although they are prevalent in our food supply. So to help alleviate the bad results from them our diets should include probiotics & lots of them. It wouldn't hurt to give your liver some support either with some milk thistle, as everything we ingest goes thru there. Remember....over 75% of your immune system is in your gut!!!

26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products, including make-up to enter your bloodstream. What’s in yours???

Our skin absorbs 100% of everything we put on it --but internalizes 60% -- which means that amount stays IN our bodies. Our skin is our protective barrier. So you might want to reconsider those things your put ON your skin. Which is what they possibly mean when they say only 60% gets into our bodies. Either way, my argument still is how can only 60% of something be absorbed into our skin????

I am a firm believer than deodorant is linked to breast cancer & have been for years!!! Just read the ingredients on any brand...only the chemical composition is getting worse. Aluminum is the 1st ingredient on most & it's been linked to Alzheimer's!!!! How easy is it for that deodorant to get into your system??? Your pores need to breathe & be open, not clogged w/ chemicals...juss sayin!

The pH levels in your body vary with every thing you eat or drink. The pH is different in your blood than in your saliva or urine as well. Water is 7.5 and that is right up the middle & how it should be. A pH that is too acidic can cause disease...but one that is too alkaline can cause issues as well.

GMO foods will eventually change your dna! Over 90% of corn, soy & sugar is GMO! read your labels...pay attention! Those 3 ingredients is in almost all processed foods in one way or another. The oils have the highest concentration of the toxins. There are 3 main types of GMO’s I recently discovered & that is not good!!!

Cancer loves sugar….proven fact!!! It can not exist in an alkaline oxygen rich environment...proven fact!!!

According to greenmedinfo.com....exercise is the ultimate anti-cancer nutrient. It can help the regeneration of cells & help the glucose go where it's supposed to! The body knows!!!

Did you know that the raw fruits & veggies we consume actually speak to our bodies & tell them what to do on the cellular/DNA levels??? So if we eat the processed "dead" food there's no 'conversation'! Fascinating huh???

Did you know that apple pectin...which is the substance between an apple peeling and the yummy inside...helps to leach plutonium out of the body???

All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oil, etc., require minerals for activity. All bodily processes depend upon the action of minerals to work properly

At last count here are the GMO foods to be aware of! Soy, corn, cotton, papaya, yellow rice (working on this one), rapeseed (canola), squash/zucchini, peas (?) & not sure either on the tomatoes or potatoes...I think they were doing them GMO, but stopped...but I am positive about the others!!! SO anything & everything that has that ingredient in it comes from a GMO source. Recently, apples were added!!!

Do you know that our entire body vibrates at a frequency of approx. 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the basic electromagnetic field of Mother Earth??? So we are literally attuned to her!! Awesome huh???

One can take up to 6,000 mg of Vit. C per day when you are ill. The body just gets rid of what it doesn't use. Make sure you spread it out throughout the day tho. Check your source of Vit. C, hopefully it doesn't come from corn nor is it gmo! So hard to tell in this day & age! But there are other sources of Vit. C, so check those out too!!!


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