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Thursday, February 26, 2015

5th Chakra...Throat

Stone to enhance it: Blue lace agate, sodalite.

Color to enhance it: Blues.

Location: Center & base of the throat.

Type of music to enhance it: Opera

Element: The ethers, in which all things are contained.

Essential Oils: Blue chamomile, gardenia, ylang ylang.

Plant: Gardenia.

What it controls in the physical body: Thyroid & parathyroid.

Dysfunction or Closed: Physical -- sore throat, high voice, whining. Emotional -- timid, unexpressive. Mental -- guarded, secretive. Spiritual -- senses universe is unfriendly & unsafe.

Functional or Open: You will feel centered. It is the center of communication, sound & expression of creativity by way of thought, speech & writing. Musically or artistically inspired. Brings to the surface those emotions that have been suppressed by the subconscious mind. Allows for patterned behavior to be changed into new productive behavior. Anger is also stored here. Allows one to help others, in turn growing within. Aids in past life work. Allows the voice to sound in its truest form, unobstructed by past trauma. Can help alleviate back pain. Aids the body in healing of skin diseases & burns. Helps in learning to respect others. Ability to speak YOUR truth. Connection to the outside world.

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