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Monday, March 2, 2015

GMO info...

A group called Moms Across America is a great kind of new organization that is rallying to help fight against gmo's! They brought out a video a while back and in watching it, I compiled this info that was included in it....very interesting!!! If you have time should check them out.....momsacrossamerica.com

The first gmo was planted in 1996!! There are 3 types of toxins in gmo's...

The first is BT toxin. It is in corn, soy & cotton mainly. So anything that contains these 3 has this toxin in it! It was engineered to constantly reproduce toxins. The bug eats the corn, for example, and it's stomach explodes. It is a registered pesticide. Thing is, imho the bugs are getting smarter, so it takes more to kill them, yes???

Our corn, soy & cotton is approximately 85% GMO, so anything made with those or byproducts of those will contain the toxins in GMO's. Dont' forget canola!! Soy is also a hormone disrupter.

The 2nd toxin is called Round-Up Ready. The plant is genetically engineered to withstand the round-up pesticide and nearly 5 billion lbs/yr is sprayed on our food with this poison. Now everything dies from this, except the food!! Good bacteria and more die off and it does not wash off. It contains something called lypozene which destroys gut bacteria, without gut bacteria the body can't product tryptophan, without tryptophan the body can't produce serotonin, without serotonin the body can't regulate blood sugar!! Do we see what's happening here???

The 3rd type of toxin they use are injections called desired traits. These injections contain 2 promoters & their job is to 'wake up' genes in your body. If you study biology at all, we know that certain genes are latent or asleep and they need to stay that way, right...well if this toxin tells those genes to 'wake up' wouldn't the end result be more disease???

The oils that come from gmo's are more heavily concentrated than say...the food. As we all know the oils contain more of the plant.

They were able to relate the bee colony collapse disorder to gmo's. They contain what's called neonicotoids & seeds are coated with this.