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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chakra Info....

Keep in mind chakras have not been measured by scientific instruments. So support of this concept is more of a belief system rather than pure scientific evidence. There are many ways & tools to balance the chakras & clear energy blockages or imbalances: meditation, gemstones, exercise, yoga & more!

Om Shanti means I am peace. Aham Prema means I am love. Chanting mantras 108 times takes about 10 min & raises your vibration level. Why 108? Because there are 108 meridians (energy pathways) throughout our bodies

Sham Sham Sham means my mind & body are in perfect sync. This mantra helps to awaken the 3rd eye.

The lower chakras relate to issues of the material world, while the upper chakras relate more to the spiritual world. It is said they vary in the direction they spin, depending on if you are male or female!

There are hundreds of minor chakras (energy points), but only 7 main chakras, but recent evidence shows there are 8 or 9 main ones!! Each one has it's own wavelength & color, musical tone, crystal, etc. that enhances that particular chakra. If the chakras aren't balanced or if the energies are blocked, basic life force will be slowed down & one chakra being blocked or closed down can affect the others!

Having negative or fearful thoughts can cause one's chakras to become 'dirty' with dense dark energy. This can prevent the chakras from providing sufficient vital energy for the body. Unbalanced & 'blocked' chakras can create a whole range of mental, emotional & physiological conditions. You may feel listless, tired, out of sorts & depressed as well as physical disease.

When all of our thoughts are only of love, peace & faith, etc. then our body's energy would flow smooth in & around & between all the chakras. Negative, obsessive & dark thoughts affect your chakras' ability to function properly and so they become dirty, shrunken & swollen. When energy imbalances such as these occur, the chakras tend to close down, starting at the crown chakra & moving downwards towards the root chakra.

Each chakra has a different sphere of influence on the emotional, psychological & physical body. Their corresponding system on the physical level is the endocrine system. They record & document everything that has happened to us, every thought, action or feeling. They are the blueprints of our consciousness from our past. It is believed that when all the chakras are in balance -- our mind, body & our spirit work as one!

Gemstones respond to the electricity in our bodies, the constant electrical vibrations of the stones will help to harmonize, balance & stimulate these energies. Remember..."Energy Follows Thought". Imagery or visualization is very powerful & can be very helpful in charging your chakras & the surrounding organs with vital, positive energy!

There are many affirmations one can meditate on and/or say aloud to help with a particular chakra that might be troubling you. You can offer your prayers to any of the 5 major Archangels, the God/Goddess, the Christ Light, Buddha, etc. for guidance & healing within yourself!






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