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Over the years I have had several businesses. It seems I can't get away from seeing if a certain herb or essential oil can help a fellow human and that's usually how it starts. I am now in Arizona and I was asked again if I would be interested in starting another herbal business!! We now have Herbs 4 Health!! Providing numerous herbs....herbal blends....single essential oils...essential oil blends....minerals....tinctures all to help the body to heal itself.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Essential Oils Webinar.....

I recently did a master aromatherapist webinar and took some great notes. I have decided to put them all in ONE blog. In my opinion it's easier for me & for you! I want to share this information and this is the best way my feeble brain could come up with!!!

~Science of Aromatherapy~

1...ONE...drop contains up to 300 powerfully life changing chemicals.

Topical application is the most effective way of using essential oils...done properly. Within 20 minutes the oils are into your blood. In about an hour & a half none are detected as the body has used them, then excreted them. Which is why one needs to use them every few hours.

Up to 75% of all oils on the market today are adulterated. Our bodies can't synthesize chemicals. Organics can't be guaranteed of purity simply because of acts of nature, drift wind, water run off. Even processing affects them.

Essential oils can actually work on what the body needs at that particular time.

They can work through the limbic system which leads directly to our brain, so they can help with  mood, memory, anxiety, ADHD & neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's & cancer.

"Cupping" is a term used where you put 1 drop in your hands, rub together, inhale! It's helpful for people who battle anxiety attacks, stress, even nausea.

Inhaling essential oils can change brain chemistry. The chemicals in them have been linked to autoimmune diseases.

Examples of some uses are: grapefruit can help with decreased food intake, orange helps with depression, clary sage can help decrease cortisol. Adrenal fatigue: orange, lemon, bergamont, spikenard, neroli, ylang ylang, geranium, lavender, rose, roman chamomile.

In terms of cellular biology: fat surrounds cells, that's why scripts don't work. Essential oils work because they are a type of fat.

Since they easily evaporate, the more you open & close your bottle the faster they can go bad & become oxidized. All drops from different essential oils is not always the same size...imagine that!!!

Taking essential oils internally is NOT advised, except for a very very few!!! The molecules are very strong and can damage sensitive tissues in the body!!!

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