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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Essential Oils & Chemotypes

Do you know what an essential oil specialist is? Do you know what an essential oil expert is? How about an aromatherapist? Apparently the 1st two do exist, who woulda thunk it, right?? At certain aromatherapy schools/institutes, etc. you can take certain classes to achieve the 1st two, then go on to get your certification. Well, I am certified, plain & simple. So does that make me an expert, a specialist?? Who knows? I know what I know! I have studied, read & researched for years. It is an ongoing learning experience!

The more plant material required for an essential oil, the higher the price of said essential oil will be!

Most reputable essential oil suppliers will send sample of new shipments to labs for the GC/MS. This test provides a breakdown of every component in the essential oil or a basic list of ingredients. It can also tell us if the oil has been adulterated...which are additives to make it less active. It also identifies the chemotypes in the oil.

To make sure you get the essential oil you want, check out the Latin name. In this Latin name is the genus (1st name), the species (2nd name) and most times the ct which is the chemotype.

Chemotypes are different chemical components depending on where they are grown, which includes environmental factors. These plants have the ability to produce different chemical components depending on where they are grown & other factors. The different components within the plant/essential oil are called chemotypes. Because of these chemotypes, the essential oils contain different therapeutic properties.

The following are different types of chemotypes. Now there are probably more, but here's some main ones. These explain how & why essential oils can do what they do!

*Aldehydes: strong antiviral, calming & a sedative to the nervous system, anti-inflammatory, skin irritant.
*Camphor: good for muscle aches & pains
*Carvacrol: strong anti-bacterial & anti-fungal agent.
*Chamazulene: a beautiful blue obtained only during the distillation process & only in 1 essential oil.
*Cineole: stimulant, expectorant, very good for respiratory issues.
*Eugenol: anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antipyretic (fever reducer) & analgesic.
*Esters: relaxing & a tonic to the central nervous system, balancing, antispasmodic, soothing to dermal inflammations.
*Furanocoumarins: photosensitizers, antifungal, antiviral.
*Keotones: strong mucolytic which breaks up & thins the mucous, promotes skin/tissue regeneration, wound healing, calming to the nervous system, sedative.
*Linalol: eases anxiety, calms nervous system, emotional balance, provides immune support, calms muscle spasms, reduces pain, anti-microbial.
*Menthol: decongestant, analgesic.
*Monoterpenes: antiseptic, antiviral, stimulating, mild expectorant/decongestant, drying/dehydrating effect on the skin.
*Oxides: antiviral, expectorant, respiratory stimulant.
*Phenols: strong antibacterial activity, antiseptic, stimulating to the immune system, strengthens yet stimulates the nervous system.
*Phenylpropanoids: strong antibacterial, antiseptic, stimulates immune system, anti-spasmodic, stress-modulating, strengthens yet stimulates the immune system.
*Pinenes: ability to reduce germs, calm inflammation with strong respiratory support.
*Sesquiterpenes: antiseptic, antibacterial, powerful anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, calming & soothing to the nervous system, anti-microbial, expectorant, mucolytic (breaks up & thins mucous), smooth muscle relaxant.
*Thymol: decreases pain, reduces swelling, calms muscle spasms, anti-viral, anti-microbial, reduces infections.

Very interesting, eh?? I thought so & I wanted to share!!!

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