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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ylang Ylang!

Have you ever heard of Ylang Ylang essential oil?? It is so sweet & floral, I just love it!!! Now it is considered in some circles to be the "Queen of the Essential Oils". It's latin name is Cananga odorata. It is a very potent healer, sedative & some of the research that has come out on it is very impressive!!

This evergreen produces highly fragrant blossoms. It's native in Asia, Philippines , Malaysia, Indonesia the on the islands in the Indian Ocean.

It is steam distilled but yet very similar to pressing the olives for olive oil. This essential oil is usually sold via it's different grades: Extra, 1, 2, 3 & Complete. Yes 5 different grades!! Each successive collection of this oil produces varying grades containing a wide array of chemical constituents. This is considered an anomaly.

--Extra Grade -- regarded by many as the finest grade containing over 30 different chemical constituents. It's the 1st collection after 1-2 hrs. of steam distillation. Usually the most expensive.

--Grades I, II, III --  as it's distilled, collections are taken every few hours which make up less potent oils in descending order...I, II & finally III.

--Complete -- is the whole process. This encompasses all the collections from the entire distillation process.

Ylang ylang's biggest benefit is the fact it can soothe inflammation & can relax the body and mind. It contains substantial anti-inflammatory properties, probably because of it's ability to calm the senses and stop anxiety. Regular topical use & inhalation is the key here!!!

Studies have been done to prove the efficacy of ylang ylang on blood pressure, on both the systolic & the diastolic numbers. In EKG tests, it was proven that this essential oil slows down the heart rates as well. It is a powerful sedative!!!

It is also great to use in insect repellant, as a surface cleaner -- even helps in getting rid of bio-film. So it's good in protecting the home against bacteria & other potential viruses along with oregano, tea tree & cinnamon!!

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