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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Frankincense...Ancient yet Modern

Some consider Frankincense the King of the essential oils and believe it's the most powerful e.o. in the world!!!

Sometimes it's referred to as olibanum. Different types of it are found in different places all over the planet. The resin, from which the oil is made, comes from many different trees in the genus of Boswellia, which are grown in Somalia. The Boswellia carterii 33 or the Boswellia frerena or Boswellia serrate or Boswellia papyrifera or the Boswellia sacara trees, that's a lot!!! It is the same oil given by the 3 wise men at Christ's birth and has been revered for centuries as useful in meditation because of it's calming effect. It's used widely by the churches and some believe this oil can increase intuition & spiritual connections.

Frankincense can help relieve chronic stress, anxiety, reduce pain, many types of inflammation in the joints & skin, boost the immune system & even fight cancer!! It's an antiseptic. It can help eliminate viruses & bacteria from your environment. It's great in oral hygiene as you can make your town toothpaste mixing the oil with baking soda!! This oil can also be beneficial for mental health issues. Frankincense is great for skin issues like acne, age spots, sun spots and it's anti-aging because it lifts & tightens the skin!! When used topically be sure to mix with a carrier oil or a butter. Do NOT ingest!! It's beneficial to all cells of the human body. It can relieve digestive distress, IBS, PMS, it helps to speed up digestion of food similar to enzyme activity.

A 2012 study found a chemical compound within this fabulous & ancient oil called AKBA and it succeeded in killing cancer cells that became resistant to chemotherapy. Now isn't that interesting??!!!

So if you incorporate essential oils in your everyday life, why not add this to your regiment?!!


  1. Some believe the gold given to Christ was turmeric which is yellow and was highly valued at the time.. this frankincense, myhr and gold (turmeric)

    1. ty for reading...how interesting!!! could be I suppose ;)