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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Label Reading for Your Skin's Health!

I came across this article in one of my herb magazines and thought it was highly interesting. So many of us try to buy healthy items for our skin and try to stay away from certain ingredients. Among some of these are vegans. Well hang on to your socks, because here's some ingredients the manufacturers are putting in these so called 'healthy' skin care products. Label reading is so very important these days and personally, I am a huge label reader, although I did not know about these ingredients! The term 'natural' on any given label is meaningless -- there is no authority that monitors this claim. therefore, you really need to read carefully the back of the product. Of course most of us know by now that ingredient listings go by the amounts within said product. First ingredient being the most, last one being the least amount added. So here is a list of animal-derived substances that are being found in skin care products!!!

Aspic: an industry alternative to gelatin, made from clarified meat or fish.
Casein: a protein derived from milk.
Cod liver oil: found in lubricating creams & lotions.
Collagen: taken from the bones & connective tissues of animals. Used in cosmetics to help skin retain water & to help keep it supple & youthful looking.
Elastin: similar use as collagen but derived from the neck ligaments and aorta of cows.
Gelatin/Gelatine: for smooth skin and to add gloss to hair. Obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments and/or bones from cows or pigs.
Keratin: used for hair and as an anti-aging skin care ingredient. Obtained from sheep wool or from the skin, hooves or horns of animals.
Lactose: a sugar derived from milk.
Propolis: used for its antiviral & antimicrobial properties to treat breakouts and protect skin. created by bees in the construction of their hives.
Royal Jelly: an anti-aging ingredient which comes from secretions of the throat gland of the honeybee.
Shellac: found in hair lacquer. Obtained from the bodies of the female scale insect, Tachardia lacca.
Vitamin D3: found in creams, lotions and other cosmetics. Made from fish-liver oil.
Whey: a byproduct of cheese making.
Cochineal dye or carminic acid: adds red color. Comes from the cochineal insect.
Ambergris: adds scent and/or color. Derived from whales.

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