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Friday, September 22, 2017

Clove Bud Essential Oil

The Chinese have used clove for more than 2,000 yrs! These small buds originate as the unopened pink flower buds of the evergreen tree. Once they are dried they turn brown, then we recognize them as the spice that is so popular & then converted into an essential oil that is highly beneficial to the body.

The eugenol in cloves is a powerful anti-inflammatory & has been shown to reverse inflammation & cellular oxidation. It's very popular as an antiseptic for oral infections and gum disease. It is also a broad-spectrum anti-microbial that helps to keep countless health issues at bay. It has been shown to be beneficial in fighting E. coli & pneumonia! Clove can also be a great help in eliminating candida & killing intestinal parasites.

They have found that clove oil has the same numbing effects as benzocaine, so it's beneficial for toothaches & dental issues.

Ground cloves has an astounding ORAC value of 290,283 units -- which means -- per gram, cloves contain 30X more antioxidant power than blueberries!! And we all know how awesome those little guys are for our health, right??? An antioxidant is a molecule that reverses damage that free radicals cause, including cell death & cancer.

Because it is so very potent...Do NOT ingest. Do NOT apply to the skin undiluted.

It's a very powerful ingredient in our Quartzsite Krud Kicker!

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