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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Removing Alcohol From Tinctures

Sometimes people want all the benefits from a tincture, but don't want the alcohol. Weather it be because of giving to children, AA members, religious reasons or that you simply don't want or like the alcohol. 

There is an overnight or day method which is really simple and doesn't harm the beneficial herbal ingredients in the tincture. 

Take a clean cup, preferably glass, and squirt the tincture drops, from the bottle's eyedropper, into the cup and then cover with a clean cloth.

Leave in a warm place overnight OR you can even do this during the day if you wish for about 12-24 hrs. During this time, the alcohol should have evaporated. Add some clean, filtered water and stir so that any dehydrated herbs from the tincture is reabsorbed into the water. Drink up!!

REMEMBER: The more you put in the glass, the longer it will take for it to evaporate. 

TIP: Keep the bulk of your tincture with the alcohol and just "de-alcohol" the amount you  need daily and the tincture should keep for years.

NEVER BOIL THE TINCTURE!! It changes the chemical structure of the herb & often kills valuable nutrients

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