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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Remember Goldenseal????

Do you remember goldenseal??? Well it's still around & the research on it has been quite astounding for all it's capabilities. Back in the day, it became very popular after rumors spread that taking it can help block a positive test for illegal drugs....as it were, there was no scientific evidence to prove this. Due to it's over harvesting, it almost became extinct & was the reason prices sky rocketed on it. But it is still one of the top selling herbal products in the U.S..

This amazing herb goes back to the NA times when they used it for many issues like respiratory, digestive, earaches, eye complaints, liver & even heart issues. 

Goldenseal's latin name...'Hydrastis Canadensis' . The root & rhizome are the most wanted as they have a rich chemical composition. The alkaloids that are most beneficial are berberine, canadine & hydrastine which are most responsible for the health benefits. It's also known as orange root, yellow root or yellow puccoon. It's a perennial herb that belongs to the buttercup family.

The taste & smell are unpleasant & even acrid, yet considered a super herb by many. It is considered a trophorestorative, whish is a nutritive restorer. It's loaded with essential minerals & vitamins like iron, calcium, maganese & vitamins A, C, E & B complex just to name a few. It also contains chlorogenic acid, which contain the same health benefits that are found in coffee & teas. It's also a bitter, so it's good for digestive issues.

So let's get on with how it can help the body. It can boost the immune system, help fight cancer, it's an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, appetite stimulant, a natural anti-biotic, an astringent & an anti-inflammatory. It soothes & loosens up mucous membranes. Has been known to be effective against MRSA, candida, pink eye, high blood pressure, a tonic for the heart, shingles & can even reduce bad cholesterol. It's an antioxidant & an anti-fungal. It can help with warts, cold sores, and is a diuretic. It can be made into a mouthwash to help with gum issues. Can be made into a douche to help with yeast infections too. It can help with parasite issues & some STD's. It's also a blood cleanser and an anti-tumor. Goldenseal can also inhibit the growth of H. pylori, which is a type of bacteria which can lead to ulcers & more. Only small amounts are needed for most treatments. 

Due to it's high cost, some products claiming to contain goldenseal may contain Chinese gold thread, oregon grape root, barberry, yellow root or Chinese goldenseal all which contain berberine, but not hydrastine or canadine. So make sure you read your labels carefully. 

The dosage recommendations are .5-10 grams of the powder daily. Liquid extract should be limited to 40 drops in 2 oz. of water or juice 3-5 times daily. So, yes, small amounts. 

Goldenseal should not be given to children or infants. There are no known drug interactions. Pregnant & nursing mothers should avoid it as well. 

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