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Monday, June 14, 2021

Poppy....yes Poppy!!!!


This awesome poppy is the state flower of California & it's the first to blossom in the spring time!! It's not the poppy you think it is. It's a beautiful, medicinal flower that can help with many ailments. 

The alkaloids in this poppy product a milder effect than opiates and are non-addictive with no dis-orienting side effects. Research has shown it contains a plethora of benefits. The medicinal applications today are largely due to its original uses by the Native Americans. 

California poppy is a super nervine, which means it helps the whole nervous system, and a trophorestorative, which promotes nutrition uptake at the cellular level. It helps to  relieve peripheral nerve pain, can help with sciatica & shingle pain, intestinal spasms, menstrual cramping, hypertension & nervous palpitations surrounding the heart. 

It's a mild sedative, an anti-fungal, sleep aid & pain reliever. It can help with nervous disorders, headaches, back pain, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, muscle relaxer, anti-spasmodic, anxiety & diseases of the bladder & liver....but more research is needed in those two areas.

This poppy is non-addictive & non-narcotic. It can be safe & gentle for children. 

Stop using it at least two weeks prior to surgery. Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take  for extended periods of time. 

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