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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Lymphatic System (Pt. 1)

Since this system is vast & complex, there are many signs and/or symptoms to possible lymphatic system disorders. Being self aware & conscious of this, doing preventative things & incorporating many types of treatments in our daily lives, to help activate it and to help detoxify it, knowing there are natural treatments to help keep this system running at it's greatest potential!!
In this first part I include lots of signs & symptoms of a backed up, sluggish or infected lymphatic system. In part 2 is a more detailed explanation of the whole system & how to get it back on track. It's a vital system to staying healthy!!!

Signs your lymphatic system is backed up: Headaches. Brain fog. Swollen lymph nodes or tonsils. Lack of energy. Recurrent sore throats. Mucous in the morning. Mucous drainage, especially after dairy or flour. Fluid back up in the ear, especially in children. Ear popping and ear ringing. Reduced ability to fight infections (frequent colds or flu). Constipation or sluggish bowel function. Unable to lose weight (toxins play a part in holding onto weight). Soreness or stiffness in the morning. Bloating, swelling or heaviness in extremities. Arm or hands fall asleep while sleeping. Pain, pressure or stiffness along your spine & shoulders. Sore breasts or breast swelling with your menstrual cycle. Itchy skin. Acne, dry skin & other skin issues.

Signs of a sluggish lymphatic system: More extreme allergies. Heightened food sensitivities. Frequent bacterial & viral infections. Joint pain. Headaches & migraines. Menstrual cramps. Arthritis. Fibrocystic breasts or breast tenderness. Sinusitis. Loss of appetite & GI issues. Muscle cramps. Swelling of tissues. Fatigue. Mental fuzziness. Mood swings. Depression. Parasites. Skin breakouts & acne. Cellulite.
Symptoms of infected lymph nodes or a group of them includes: Hard lymph nodes. Redness & tenderness of skin over the lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes that become larger than 0.5 to 1 CM depending on the location. Lymph nodes that cause pain and tenderness when touched. Lymph nodes filled with pus (called an abscess) that may feel rubbery.

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