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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Salt....It's Benefits & More!!!

There's been much talk about Himalayan or pink salt as it's also coined. It should be used daily and contains 84....84 trace minerals!! The high quality sea salt contains only 60 & that's IF it's a good sea salt. As of late the sea salt is getting processed the same as the table salt we all recognize -- adding worthless harmful ingredients, process out all the goodness, which leaves it one big toxic seasoning!!

Sodium works in the body in the following way....water follows salt, meaning if you increase sodium intake too much, water retention occurs as well. But at the same time a loss in sodium can result in possible dehydration & extreme thirst. By consuming a good sea salt daily, it helps your body to balance your sodium-potassium ratio. These are 2 electrolytes that work together to ensure a proper fluid balance, including cell walls, blood plasma, extra cellular fluids & transmission of electrical signals throughout the body. It's also good to remember it helps to regulate blood volume and thus blood pressure.

Since these salts are minimally processed, they are able to retain much of their natural mineral content. They contain so many electrolytes that help regulate your heart beat to allowing muscles to contract so you can move. It's essential for proper brain, muscle & nervous system functions. So too much isn't good as is too little. Talk about a delicate balance!!

Too little salt can also have an impact on digestive health as well. Not enough can lead to insufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid (HCL), so if you have low stomach acid, it can seriously throw off your digestive system. It contains chloride & that is the building blocks of stomach acid. Having enough stomach acid also helps our bodies to absorb vitamins, minerals & B12.

Sea salt is produced by the evaporation of sea water, either by open-air solar process or a quicker vacuum evaporation process. When you consume the sea salt(s) that are unrefined -- that's the salt that contains more of it's natural health properties. Also be sure it does not say "sodium chloride" as it's main ingredient, this means it just as refined as the processed table salt.

As a result of 2 controlled group studies, results were found that the Himalayan salt is highly effective in helping to stabilize pH & oxidative stress in the body.

Limit your sodium consumption, weather it be the 'pink' salt or not, to 2300 mg/day or 1500 mg/day if you suffer from high blood pressure. According to recommendations from these reputable websites.

draxe.com, livestrong.com & himalayancrystalsalt.com

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