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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Bitters...A Digestive Aid

Bitters....ever heard of them?? They have been around for a millenia.

What do they do? They can ease indigestion, heartburn, nausea, cramping, bloating & gas. They stimulate the digestive process, promote better absorption of nutrients & stimulate natural detoxification. They help to activate gastric juices, bile & digestive enzymes. They can help lower blood sugar levels, have a positive effect on stress & help to curb sugar cravings.

They contain inulin, a prebiotic starch which plays an important role in gut health. Inulin stimulates the production of insulin from the pancreas.

Bitters can counter brain receptors that drive us to consume sweets. Studies show that inulin improves the metabolism of carbs & therefore helps control blood sugar. They can reduce food sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune reactions & can promote healthy bowel regularity. Bitters stimulate appetite, release digestive enzymes from the pancreas, duodenum & the liver. They are proven to regulate secretion of the pancreatic hormones that help to regulate the body's blood sugar, insulin & glucagon levels. They can also help in repairing tears in the gut wall.

So here's a list I've compiled of herbs & foods that contain bitters....ready??!!!
Milk Thistle
Artichoke Leaf
Burdock Root
Gentian Root
Chicory root

Just adding these to your daily routine can help with digestion, because they contain bitters!!! Adding ginger to a few of these, can help speed up the emptying of the stomach. If you add cinnamon, it can also lower the levels of blood sugars. Now chicory root....is of the dandelion family & is a good coffee substitute.

Pregnant women or those with ulcers should avoid bitters.

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