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Over the years I have had several businesses. It seems I can't get away from seeing if a certain herb or essential oil can help a fellow human and that's usually how it starts. I am now in Arizona and I was asked again if I would be interested in starting another herbal business!! We now have Herbs 4 Health!! Providing numerous herbs....herbal blends....single essential oils...essential oil blends....minerals....tinctures all to help the body to heal itself.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Top 12 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Nutrients!!!

I recently came upon an infographic containing this information by Dr. Jockers, but as usual I wanted to know more! So I did some research on these nutrients and here's what I found....

Ursolic Acid -- Found in the peels of fruits as well as in rosemary & thyme

Piperine -- An alkaloid responsible for the pungency of black pepper

Lycopene -- Bright red carotenoid found in tomatoes & other red fruits & veggies. However, it's not found in strawberries or cherries....weird huh?? Also there's no Vitamin A activity....hmmm.

Isothiocyanates --  A sulfur containing phyto chemicals. An anti-inflammatory found in types of mustard oils.

Curcumin -- The bright yellow chemical that gives turmeric it's color and the 'magick' ingredient!

EGCG -- A plant compound prominent in green tea

Resveratrol -- A type of natural phenol found in plants that respond to injury or when the plant is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Sources include: skins of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries or plants.

Vitamin D3 -- A fat soluble vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium & phosphorus. Important for bone development & made by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. 20 minutes daily is all we need for our full RDA of Vit. D3!!

6-Gingerol -- A chemical compound found in fresh ginger. A relative of capsaicin & piperine.

Silymarin -- Found in the extract of milk thistle seeds.

Quercetin -- A plant flavonol from a group of polyphenols. Found in many fruits, veggies, leaves & grains.

Anthocyanins -- A water soluble pigment that may appear red, purple, blue or black.


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