Welcome to my blog!!! I have been an herbalist & an aromatherapist for over 20 years!! My blog is over 10 years old & there are over 100 informative blogs here. Not only do I have hopes of teaching the masses, I too, have learned a lot during my research on different topics! There's always new & updated information in the herbal & essential oil worlds. There are blogs on herbs, essential oils, nutrition, supplements, different modalities of healing and just a little bit of everything!! Maybe in reading my blogs, just one person will come away with a bit of knowledge that they might be able to help themselves or another human being, I would consider that to be a great blessing.....

Over the years I have had several businesses. It seems I can't get away from seeing if a certain herb or essential oil can help a fellow human and that's usually how it starts. I am now in Arizona and I was asked again if I would be interested in starting another herbal business!! We now have Herbs 4 Health!! Providing numerous herbs....herbal blends....single essential oils...essential oil blends....minerals....tinctures all to help the body to heal itself.

The information in these blogs is not meant in any way shape or form to plagiarize, for I have never said this is all MY work. It is a compilation of reputable informative websites, my 'go to' books I have always depended upon & my own knowledge. I gather & put together information to help people learn & this way they can come back here to help remind themselves of said information instead of 'where oh where did I find that on the world wide web'. Seems to me it's just better & easier.

DISCLAIMER: All the information in these blogs do not diagnose, treat or heal any type illness or disease.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

CBD Oil Facts!!

CBD helps with pain, inflammation and a multitude of health issues. Pain leaves before the inflammation. Inflammation takes more time. There is no regulation on labeling yet. Read your labels, as not all CBD Oils are pure or equal. www.Herbs-4-Health.com has a great CBD Oil!!

There's NO THC in our CBD Oil. CBD Oil is NOT a tincture as tinctures are made with alcohol. The MCT Oil & the isolates are both organic. The MCT oil is liquid coconut oil with one molecule removed so that it stays liquid!! This NEW brand has just a hint of orange or mint in it.

* If heat is too high or too low, an inferior product is obtained & can destroy the isolates.

*It's all about volume vs potency. 1,000 Mg in 2 oz. is like a whiskey while 500 Mg is like a near beer.....that's how it was explained to me. People tend to get confused on this issue.

*CBD suppliers are popping up all over, so know your supplier read your labels!! We are here today & we will be here tomorrow as will our supplier!!

*Full spectrum uses all of the hemp plant & contains much more than just the CBD isolates.

*Our NEW CBD yields 99.9% CBD with NO THC.

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