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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Adaptogens -- What are they and how do they work???

More and more people say that adaptogenic herbs help with stress....but there is so much more to them that that simple statement. Adaptogens actually help the entire body. These specialiazed herbs seem to know what to do to which parts of the body to help it heal.

So here is the low down on how exactly they think they work. Researchers aren't completely clear on how they do their job and how they help us cope with stress. When we are stressed, the hypothalamus gland releases a chemical which triggers anxiety. This chemical travels to the pituitary gland which then releases it's own hormone into the bloodstream, promoting a surge of cortisol -- which is THE stress hormone.

Constantly releasing those 2 chemicals/hormones takes a toll on the body and makes us feel chronically stressed and leads to 'burn out'. Therefore to lower the stress and fight fatigue, we must reduce the amounts of those 2 hormones and that is where adaptogens come in to play. They act like a thermostat, normalizing body imbalances and they inhibit the release of those 2 hormones and cortisol to help calm us down, but boosts our energy at the same time. Over time, stress can have adverse affects on our health, as we all know. But theses herbs help us to cope with the physicial and emotional stress while giving us a subtle boost in mental clarity and physical endurance.

They are also used to improve the overall health system of the adrenals. The adrenals are in charge of managing our bodies' hormonal response to stress. But they can also fight fatigue, anxiety and help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently.

It's really all about balance and those adaptogens help us to keep things in balance & help to restore said balance. That's quite a bit for one herb to do, wouldn't you say??

There are many adaptogens around, but we will only go into a few....

*Asian Ginseng or Panax Ginseng -- has been shown to support physical eundurance and mental clarity. It contains antioxidant properties to help strengthen our immune system.

*Holy Basil -- known in India as the 'elixir or anti-aging herb'. It can help us to relax and enhance the body's natural response to stress.

*Ashwagandha -- tis a timeless herb in Ayurvedic medicine. It can help increase energy, endurance & longevity.

*Astragalus -- it strengthens the body's immune system and our internal organs over time. Cancer fighter. www.herbs-4-health.com carries this in tincture form!

*Licorice Root -- supports & protects the adrenals. Regulates hormone production.

*Rhodiola rosea -- acts like a thermostat for our hormones, particularly cortisol. It can raise or lower the cortisol in our bodies as needed which is critical for homeostasis.

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