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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What IS a Trophorestorative????

New term? Old term? Not sure which it is, but I found this information valuable! Kinda makes me rethink some of the herbs I use in the blends & for myself!!
Trophorestorative by definition is an herb that is a nutritive restorative. It is normally associated with an affinity for an organ, or an organ system. It rectifies the deficiency and/or weakness pertaining to that organ. The effect is not necessarily temporary. The nourishment it provides results in a permanent restoration. It is a tonic, period. It rebuilds and strengthens. A true trophorestorative cannot harm or product side effects. You should be able to consume it for long periods, safely. Many herbs are nutritive, only some herbs are trophorestoratives. They are unique. They can actually restore a physical funciton of a debilitated organ or tissue.
Some examples of trophorestoratives are: nettle seed, land caltrops & crataeva nurvala. They can all restore the functions of a damaged kidney. I hadn't heard of these last 2 and now I know why, they are part of TCM and in the Ayurvedic herbal 'family'!

Avena sative (oatstraw), velvet beans (again in the ayurvedic system) & valerian are best suited for nervous systems.
Ashwagandha, licorice & astragalus take care of the endocrine system.

Trophorestorative herbs help in nourishment and restoration of organs. Various herbs are used for treating malfunctioning of an organ. But the use of herbs depends on the indication shown by them, you first have to judge the problem & the origin of said problem and give the herb accordingly.
There are quite a few highly effective trophorestoratives: avena sativa, blue cohosh, chickweed, dandelion, korean ginseng, horsetail, licorice, milk thistle, bilberry, burdock, damiana, false unicorn, hawthorn, indian pennywort, meadowsweet & spanish needle. We know, as herbalists, what organ or system these herbs target! Just keep in mind how beneficial they can be to the human body!!!

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