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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What DO those terms mean???

It seems the more advanced we get what with technology and more, the more confusing the talk gets. Sometimes I find myself asking...what did they say? what does that mean? why can't they just use regular words?? LOL. In the field of herbalism & aromatherapy it's really no different. One just has to learn the lingo. Most times I try to break it down because I don't want to be confused either. In doing research for another blog, I came upon some terms that I thought I would try to explain so maybe we all weren't in the dark about some things so much!

Nutritives -- this is a class of herbs that nourish the body when it is not getting proper nutrition from food. They nourish the body, build immune systems and are rich in vitamins & minerals.

Tonics -- these are herbal substances that give you a feeling of well being & help you feel better. They tone up bodily tissues, boost the immune systems, strengthen the body. Tonics are able to heal overall instead of a substance that treats a particular health issue, for example a particular herbal tea..

Trophorestorative -- they are a unique variety of herbs or foods that can restore actual physical function to a debilitated organ or tissue. These herbs, foods, etc. can rectify deficiency & weakness not simply through temporary stimulation but through vital nourishment of that organ & organ system. It is a tonic in the deepest sense of the word. In order to be a true trophorestorative -- it must not bring harm or have undue side effects & be able to be used over a long period of time, safely. They can restore actual physical function to a debilitated organ or tissue resulting in permanent restoration.

Saponins -- known for their ability to lower cholesterol, improve the immune system & prevent cancer.

Flavanoids -- contain antioxidative qualities. They control & scavage free radicals. Help to prevent heart disease, cancer & immunodeficiency viruses.

Polysaccharides -- have anti-microbial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory capabilities. They can also stop viruses from replicating.


  1. Thanks for the info! The only one I have never seen before was trophorestorative.